Smlouvy v angličtině II

Course aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced (B2/C1) students with no or little prior knowledge of legal English. Professional legal background is NOT required to participate fully in the seminar. 

Suitable for EVERONE!

The seminar consists of two sessions.

By the end of the first session students will have become familiar with the language and theory which will be applied and practised during the second session.

The first session (14.05-15.35) will cover:

  • A brief Introduction to contract law
  • Introduction of legal terminology related to contract formation, contract clauses, types of contracts etc.
  • Practice of new vocabulary and legal expressions in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere

The second session (15.45-17.15) will cover:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Language for negotiations
  • Negotiating a contract in pairs or small groups
  • A close-up and teacher’s tips on how to study legal English outside the classroom


  • International Legal English, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, unit 5
  • Teacher-made materials: flash cards, glossaries, vocabulary games and mini-case cards.